Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Just like the new season of Glee, I'm back. Either that or you can insert your herpes jokes here. Whirlwind of a summer, this bitch gets overwhelmed easily so a public break was in order as to keep a lil bit o' cooth. Here's a quick A.D.D rundown of the season:

Spent time with my buddies like never before. Never thought I could love them more than how I always loved them. JP and Shua, I love being the 3 Amigas again.

Yoga master. Had a moment with gym guy. Hot, chaste, over.

Lost my job, have been in a vicious cycle of interviews, faulse starts, and down right rejection. Temping during the day in the service industry, loving what I do again. Still DJing at my bar, looking forward to every Friday and Saturday night. Meeting new and exciting friends every week. Realizing that I'm a fun person to be around. Making new connections and earning respect through my work ethic every day.

Lady Gaga in KC was my highlight. She's around so much it gets annoying but the live show is where its at.

Met a boy I really care for and put my head in the place it needs to be. The big one, not smaller one.

Split up with said guy, but care for him knowing he did not a damn thing wrong, just didn't happen as planned.

Learned how to survive in hard times without depending on anyone else's help.

Granpa died. RIP gramps. We looked exactly alike and acted the same too, same attitude, stature, assholeness. Was harder on me than I thought it would be, but after a week of drunkeness I'm over it and know that I'm not the dead one.

Connected with someone that I can only explain as the most rejuvenating person I've ever run into by chance. I miss him when he's not around. And since I usually want all the space I can get, this is a wonderfully different feeling to me.

So that's the wrap up. Did it over my phone, so forgive the typos, if this even gets posted. I guess if you see this it worked.

Love you bitches....