Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Countdown to Kylie: 2 days

And we have lift off......

My adventure starts in a couple of hours as I get on my flight! and I got the Minogue on the brain.....

Please fasten your seat belts
My name is Kylie,
I'll be your purser
The exits are in the front and the rear of the craft

Thank you for flying KM air
We hope had a pleasant flight
Please fly with us again~~~~~~~Light Years

I'm living in a glass box of emotions!

Not since my addiction to No-Doze have I been this excited!



Monday, September 28, 2009

Countdown to Kylie: 3 days

Leaving for San Fran tomorrow night after work, where I no doubtedly will end up eating rice a roni while wearing flowers in my hair. Ok not so much. This weekend was a treacherous wait, although I did find a beacon of light......a leaked set list for the concert.

Don't know if it's real or not, but I'm very happy to see every song I want on there.....save for one. One very special song entitled, "Your Disco Needs You!"

This little number is an anthem of sorts, considering it's supposed to sound like an anthem I guess, a national anthem to the gayest place in the universe. And while I'm a little dissapointed to not see it on the list, I'm sort of relieved. You see, my slutty sister JP and I, well, we share this song. My big whore JP and I have choreography to this song. That big ole cum dumpster of a JP and I even sort of know the words that she speaks in French, or Italian, whatever kind you like on your salad. So, I guess I'm happy that it gets to remain at the center of hot dog down a hallway JP's apartment before a night out on the town while pre-drinking. Remember the one time you said you didn't think your disco needed you anymore JP? It's never needed you more........sniff, snot, snort..... :-)

Friday, September 25, 2009

Countdown to Kylie: 6 days

6 more days until one of the biggest events of my entire existance takes place. For those of you that have the absolute honour of knowing me (heh heh), we all know that I'm a little fucking Loney Tunes over this bitch. Never thought she'd tour America, even though she now says she's always wanted to tour the U.S. but has never found an opportunity, she always used to say that she had no interest in bringing her show to the states. Well, even when the tour was announced, I still thought there was no way I'd be able to make any one of the 6 scheduled shows.

Well lo and behold, after a lot of inner turmoil, and the fact that tickets where going so fast that they added more dates, I allowed myself to say "Fuck it kid, make it happen." The closest city she's coming to me is Chicago. Love me some Chi Town, have some friends up there that I haven't seen in forever, but again "Fuck it kid, do it big" says me. So I bought my ticket to the second show of the tour in San Fransisco. Was really gearing towards the very first show of the tour, but obviously that didn't happen. Not too upset about it though, I'd think that if there were going to be any bugs in the performance they would come through and get spotted in the first show anyhow.

in the end, it's all just a concert, but I guess the coolest part about it is that I'm allowing myself to do something like this. Feels like something I'd do in a heartbeat when I was young, dumb, and full of cum....er...I mean 21. I do think that Karma is rewarding me with this. Take it, i can be a really shitty person at times, but for the most part I'm actually not too bad and try my hardest to be there as much as I can for others. So, now that everyone's rolling their eyes at patting myself on the back, I'll wrap it up....

Later Taters!