Friday, January 30, 2009

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Heat's Hate Spot

So I'm totally not shitting rainbows today, so I will be listing my current hatefull oppinions. I hope it offends.

I hate my cubicle mate's choice of music that she blares to the whole office. Boys 2 Men were really rad in the 90's for a reason, the 90's sucked my teenage ass.

I hate walking 15 feet from my front door to my car and having the snot fucking freeze in my nose before I get from point A. to point B.

I hate my dog for getting into shit and thus barfing all over my fucking living room.

I hate pregnant women (although I think I already covered this topic). There are 3 of them around me in my office right now, one of which I am covering. They are all worse than drag queens, and I find those people vile and horrible most of the time as well.

I hate being told what to do, and so far that's happened to me about 15 fucking times this morning already.

I hate being poor and having to sit home and look at the fucking tv. I also hate the current economy, not being able to get a raise this year and having hours cut. This is my fucking living people.

I'm done.....

But I do Love the new Jason pics for F13.......

Friday, January 9, 2009

Mr. Myers Prototype Mask for H2

So Ray Ray, it's you and me here bud. You want H2 updates, you come see good ole Heat cause wheather anyone else gives a shit or not, I'm posting them.

1. Danielle Harris (Jamie Halloween 4 and 5, Annie Brackett in the remake) is coming back for H2.

2. The release date bumped up from October to August (how can they do this with a movie that hasn't even started filming?)

3. There is going to be a plathora of new characters, I've read a casting memo that's kind of a buzzkill cause these are characters who die, and it tells how they die, sounds VERY very cool.

4. They're moving the shoot from Pasadena (remake) to a town in Georgia, and if you ask me Georgia is just fucking scary to begin with.

5. Here is a prototype pic of the new Myers Mask. Notice the bullet hole Ray Ray? Looks like a graze to me.....