Thursday, January 15, 2009

Heat's Hate Spot

So I'm totally not shitting rainbows today, so I will be listing my current hatefull oppinions. I hope it offends.

I hate my cubicle mate's choice of music that she blares to the whole office. Boys 2 Men were really rad in the 90's for a reason, the 90's sucked my teenage ass.

I hate walking 15 feet from my front door to my car and having the snot fucking freeze in my nose before I get from point A. to point B.

I hate my dog for getting into shit and thus barfing all over my fucking living room.

I hate pregnant women (although I think I already covered this topic). There are 3 of them around me in my office right now, one of which I am covering. They are all worse than drag queens, and I find those people vile and horrible most of the time as well.

I hate being told what to do, and so far that's happened to me about 15 fucking times this morning already.

I hate being poor and having to sit home and look at the fucking tv. I also hate the current economy, not being able to get a raise this year and having hours cut. This is my fucking living people.

I'm done.....

But I do Love the new Jason pics for F13.......


Ray Ray said...

The F13th/Jason marketing blitz has hit L.A. I'm dutifully snapping pics of the billboards and posters plastered all about the city. I'm considering it a pop art project. My verification word for this comment is "imanti". Sounds like a new brand of gay underwear.

cb said...

Hate is one of the pathways to the dark side of the force.