Wednesday, March 31, 2010


As a kid, I remember my dad's company pick up truck only had an AM radio in it. I'd pal around with him a lot when he'd go out on calls on the weekend (he was the manager of a propane company). I'd bitch and moan about only being able to listen to farm reports and country music from the 70's from my hometown's station as we'd hit up all the different farm places that needed fuel.

Every once in a really great while I'll tune into the station online, just to hear whats going on in the town of Norfolk. They still have the same DJs and commercial jingles that they did 20 years ago when I was a kid. Either that or they're playing reruns over and over again. I can only usually listen for a few short minutes until I need to shut it off though.

I listened for a minute this morning, hearing how much corn, wheat, and cows were running (seriously, these reports might as well be in Arabic for as far as I can understand them). But then I hit the mother of all WJAG call in shows, "Tradio". I had forgotten all about this show until this morning and totally remember my Dad listening to it everyday.

The show is like craigslist for the radio. People call in with shit that they want to sell, or buy, or shit that they want to trade for other shit. It's all old farm people calling in, seriously. Some old coot called in today with parts to an international harvester. Another called in about firewood. Another had an old bathtub. But the oddest on was a guy calling in offering to sell 4 prom dresses for $25 dollars each. And the discriptions have gave of these lovely little numbers sounds like they came right out of 1986. The radio host joked that she'd never had a man call in hawking dresses before and that he did a good job. "Well my wife wrote it all down for me. I promise I didn't wear 'em." Yeah right, I can see it now. This queen in the country milking cows in a purple sequened dress with a bow on the back. "Would you fuck me? I'd fuck me...."

The show lasted all of 10 minutes and the host was astounded at the vast number of callers, 5. She even held back a couple of internet ads for tomorrow. I guess they don't want things getting too exciting all at once. Other than a tobogan that my Dad bought us for Christmas one year, I don't think he was into listening to it in order to find a steal. I think he just got a kick at the retardedness of it all like I do. Well, at least I know what time to tune in tomorrow. I might just find a bargain.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Weird Weekend

What a weird weekend. It was really good in a lot of places and terrible in others. Had a friend stop over on Friday night and drop off some movies for me, which is always right up my alley. BTW Zombieland is beyond awesome, wonder why I waited so long to watch it. Got up early on Saturday morning for a 9 a.m. haircut. Turns out my aquaintence/friend Jeremy was the one to cut my hair. Was nice to dish a little bit while getting trimmed up. Turns out there was a party that he was going to that night that another friend had invited me to, but there was also the Gay prom that night so I ended up having two options, which doesn't happen a whole lot.

On my walk back from getting my haircut, I stopped by the electric company so I could drop off my overdue bill, that I had placed in my back pocket, that had somehow worked it's way out and was no longer there. My heart sunk in dissapointment over the stupidity of it all, beings taht I had my man purse with me with my bill book in it that the bill should have been in in the first place. I finished the walk home defeated. I got through the door and immediately heard my work pager go off. I had printed my info on the envelope and some guy had found it. He said that he would drop it off for me once he left work. He found it not even a block away from my apt. I was relieved and offered to stop by and pick it up and give him a few bucks for being so nice. He said no thank you and that it would all come around at some point. I was floored.

The rest of the day didn't go so swell, as the ex made a campaign against me and flooded me with calls, voicemails, and texts nonstop for the remainder of the weekend. With the same old stuff about taking my dog, calling the cops on me for stuff in my apartment that he's claiming is his, blah blah blah. Went so far as to get the kids to start calling me leaving voicemails. I haven't talked or seen either of them for going on 2 months and it felt like a low blow. He can't take anything from me, and I know this, but I still let it intimidate me. I ended up laying low, staying home with copious amounts of vodka. Smart move. Spent the rest of the weekend being beligerent and angry. I gotta stop this pattern, it's ridiculous.

But anyhow, a sliver of light shown through yesterday as I ordered tickets for Lady Gaga. My best friend from highschool who I haven't seen in a few years is gonna go with, along with my Gaga fanatic ex boyfriend Richard. Very much looking forward. Hopefully she'll pull out her dick onstage ;-)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Front and Center

Having announced last week that Lady Gaga plans on bringing her never ending Monster Ball tour back to the US and making a stop in Kansas City this August, I've found myself with the all familiar feeling of the absolute need to go. I generally don't go to shows a whole lot, but the shows that I do tend to go to are ones that are big, Star wise and production wise.

My last and most favorite show to date is obviously, Kylie, duh. The fact that the venue was so very small means that there wasn't a bad seat in the house, but being on the floor in front of the stage 20 ft. from my starlet was about as big of a mess in the pants dream come true that could ever happen for me. Standing for 3 hours, getting hot, sweaty, thristy, and bitchy before the show started was so worth it. By the time the curtains opened and the lasers and disco beats exploded as she decended from the ceiling on top of a big ole skull shapped disco ball, I was in awe. here's a clip of her opening from the same show I was at in San Fran at the Fox theater:

There were 5 gigantic screens on robotic arms pivoting around the stage with Miss K and all of her fantastic hot ass scantily clad male dancers (girl knows her crowd). She had special videos to accompany whatever song she was singing to, not THE video, but a special tour created backdrop. Here's one of my favorites:

Anyhow, I while I doubt the Gaga experience will raise such a clatter within my little gay soul, I do look forward to a fantastic show.

Tell me, what have some of your favorite concerts been?

Notable mentions for me are:
Rob Zombie
The Donnas
The Strokes
Juliet and the Licks

Till next time, Rock on killers......

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Scream 4

Well, Scream 4 officially got the greenlight yesterday as hold out Wes Craven finally signed on to direct. He'll be rejoining cast David arquette, Courtney cox Arquette, and Neve Campbell. Sounds like they're setting up offices in Michigan to start filming here very shortly due for a release in the springtime of 2011.

Never thought this would ever happen, especially with Courtney's reclaimed success with Cougartown. But I guess it's not like she was doing too shabby when she made the first 3 movies while being on that little show called "Friends". All the others just need money, and I'm sure Craven is really looking forward to at least one more hit before he retires/croaks. Although he does have a movie coming out this Halloween that looks promising. can't remember the name of it off the top of my head.

Anyhow, looking forward.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Monday Night Smackdown

So my apartment complex is pretty decent. My apartment itself rocks and is comfortable as any I've ever lived in. But with apartment life comes "the neighbors".

When I was shown the apartment, the leasing agent proudly exclaimed how since the walls were concrete, living there was almost completely quiet. She is pretty much correct for the most part. I can't hear the neighbors in the unit on top of mine walk around (on wood floors, nonetheless) and I've been known to be a little loud at times socializting into the night, but nothing holds a candle to my next door neighbors. The next door neighbors who's bedroom is right on the other side of the wall as my bedroom.

Now, the strange part about it is, I never see or hear hide nor hair of them ever at all, until 1 a.m. through 4 a.m. Tuesday mornings. To date, I've woken up to 5 arguments, always in this timeframe, always on the same day. The neighbor lady has the absolute most shrill screaming voice I have ever heard in my life. While some of the things they argue about are hysterical, the novelty has worn off and I'm thinking next Tuesday we're going to be filing a noise complaint.

Here are some of the Greatest Hits, as composed by The Neighbors:

I Let You Fuck My Ass and I get No Pleasure.

You're Drunk! Shut Up!

I Can't Help it, it's My OCD!

DON'T YOU EVER BE SARCASTIC!!!!!!! (followed by a loud crash)

And You Think It's Going To Be Different After We Have Kids.

You're Not Worth A Shit in Bed, You Can't Even Get Me Off.

You Never Listen To A Word I Say.

And many more!

I've always thought it was weird that it's always early Tuesday morning that this ALWAYS happens. But then I wonder if they're coming down off of whatever the hell the do over the weekend. The only face to face interaction, I've ever had with the "man" of the house is when he came over to ask if I smoke cigarretes in my bedroom cause he swears he can smell smoke through the concrete walls. I had to tell him No that I don't, but I can smell pot in our entryway whenever they spark up the bong and if they aren't sharing, to put a towel down in front of the door to keep the smell in like you had to do in highschool.

I look forward to see where this ends up, lol. :-)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Operation Debt Free 2010

So with a lot of thinking going on this week, thinking about getting out of the current slump, I've been thinking long and hard on what past mistakes I've been making as a way to identify and keep away from these behaviors. The cool part about it is, I've come to realize that half of the problems I've been obsessing over, weren't really problems that belong directly to me. Putting all that stuff aside, I figured the best place to start is with my financial well being. The goal, to have my debt payed off by the age of 30, about a year and a half.

Been crunching some numbers and doing some balancing, while I really don't make gobs of money, I really don't have that many expenses either. Take it, I have a really nice impusle buying fetish to deal with, but for the most part I do live pretty cheap. I'm debating commiting to one of my past credit accounts that is offering me a substantial amount off if I lock into a $300 a month payment plan for 6 months. Seriously that's like a little over half of what the balance on the card is.

More than anything I guess it would be a great way to start my 30's out. Would rather clean up my 20's at the end of them rather than pay for them in my 30's. It feels good to make a plan and set up a goal for something. It feels like it's been a long time since I've done that. Here's hoping I stick with it.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Best Voicemail Ever...

After sending my phone number through a facebook message to my good friend, Dee/Damian/Nicole/Diva P or whatever we're going by this week, I received a call back. I did not answer said call, as I figured it was her/him (shim?) and knew that there would be at the very least, 2 hrs worth of conversation that I wasn't able to get started as my folks were coming to visit. Instead, I got the following VM:

"I normally don't leave messages. FUCK THAT SHIT. You see my shit on your caller ID, that's my shit. It's about fucking time you got a GAD DAMN PHOWN! Punch you in yo' shit. Well, you see my shit, on your shit. Call me back."

I've listened to it about 500 times, ha ha. Good to hear from my lil' sassyfrass.