Wednesday, March 31, 2010


As a kid, I remember my dad's company pick up truck only had an AM radio in it. I'd pal around with him a lot when he'd go out on calls on the weekend (he was the manager of a propane company). I'd bitch and moan about only being able to listen to farm reports and country music from the 70's from my hometown's station as we'd hit up all the different farm places that needed fuel.

Every once in a really great while I'll tune into the station online, just to hear whats going on in the town of Norfolk. They still have the same DJs and commercial jingles that they did 20 years ago when I was a kid. Either that or they're playing reruns over and over again. I can only usually listen for a few short minutes until I need to shut it off though.

I listened for a minute this morning, hearing how much corn, wheat, and cows were running (seriously, these reports might as well be in Arabic for as far as I can understand them). But then I hit the mother of all WJAG call in shows, "Tradio". I had forgotten all about this show until this morning and totally remember my Dad listening to it everyday.

The show is like craigslist for the radio. People call in with shit that they want to sell, or buy, or shit that they want to trade for other shit. It's all old farm people calling in, seriously. Some old coot called in today with parts to an international harvester. Another called in about firewood. Another had an old bathtub. But the oddest on was a guy calling in offering to sell 4 prom dresses for $25 dollars each. And the discriptions have gave of these lovely little numbers sounds like they came right out of 1986. The radio host joked that she'd never had a man call in hawking dresses before and that he did a good job. "Well my wife wrote it all down for me. I promise I didn't wear 'em." Yeah right, I can see it now. This queen in the country milking cows in a purple sequened dress with a bow on the back. "Would you fuck me? I'd fuck me...."

The show lasted all of 10 minutes and the host was astounded at the vast number of callers, 5. She even held back a couple of internet ads for tomorrow. I guess they don't want things getting too exciting all at once. Other than a tobogan that my Dad bought us for Christmas one year, I don't think he was into listening to it in order to find a steal. I think he just got a kick at the retardedness of it all like I do. Well, at least I know what time to tune in tomorrow. I might just find a bargain.


Kendra said...

Oh the memories!!! I'm sitting at the kitchen table eating some cereal as my mother listens to 780AM tradio. I remember all of the laughs we had at the completely retarded people that called in, or the people that would hang up without giving their number and the DJ would announce over and over for the person to call back in to give a phone number so that anyone that was interested in their tape player could call them. It was a huge hit back in the day...Craigs List has really fucked poor Tradio...

heat said...

Bwah-ha ha you're right. It was always fun hearin Susan Rysinger begging the callers to call back. Bitch has her game down now tho, sounds like they actually screen the callers now first.