Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Weird Weekend

What a weird weekend. It was really good in a lot of places and terrible in others. Had a friend stop over on Friday night and drop off some movies for me, which is always right up my alley. BTW Zombieland is beyond awesome, wonder why I waited so long to watch it. Got up early on Saturday morning for a 9 a.m. haircut. Turns out my aquaintence/friend Jeremy was the one to cut my hair. Was nice to dish a little bit while getting trimmed up. Turns out there was a party that he was going to that night that another friend had invited me to, but there was also the Gay prom that night so I ended up having two options, which doesn't happen a whole lot.

On my walk back from getting my haircut, I stopped by the electric company so I could drop off my overdue bill, that I had placed in my back pocket, that had somehow worked it's way out and was no longer there. My heart sunk in dissapointment over the stupidity of it all, beings taht I had my man purse with me with my bill book in it that the bill should have been in in the first place. I finished the walk home defeated. I got through the door and immediately heard my work pager go off. I had printed my info on the envelope and some guy had found it. He said that he would drop it off for me once he left work. He found it not even a block away from my apt. I was relieved and offered to stop by and pick it up and give him a few bucks for being so nice. He said no thank you and that it would all come around at some point. I was floored.

The rest of the day didn't go so swell, as the ex made a campaign against me and flooded me with calls, voicemails, and texts nonstop for the remainder of the weekend. With the same old stuff about taking my dog, calling the cops on me for stuff in my apartment that he's claiming is his, blah blah blah. Went so far as to get the kids to start calling me leaving voicemails. I haven't talked or seen either of them for going on 2 months and it felt like a low blow. He can't take anything from me, and I know this, but I still let it intimidate me. I ended up laying low, staying home with copious amounts of vodka. Smart move. Spent the rest of the weekend being beligerent and angry. I gotta stop this pattern, it's ridiculous.

But anyhow, a sliver of light shown through yesterday as I ordered tickets for Lady Gaga. My best friend from highschool who I haven't seen in a few years is gonna go with, along with my Gaga fanatic ex boyfriend Richard. Very much looking forward. Hopefully she'll pull out her dick onstage ;-)

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