Thursday, March 25, 2010

Front and Center

Having announced last week that Lady Gaga plans on bringing her never ending Monster Ball tour back to the US and making a stop in Kansas City this August, I've found myself with the all familiar feeling of the absolute need to go. I generally don't go to shows a whole lot, but the shows that I do tend to go to are ones that are big, Star wise and production wise.

My last and most favorite show to date is obviously, Kylie, duh. The fact that the venue was so very small means that there wasn't a bad seat in the house, but being on the floor in front of the stage 20 ft. from my starlet was about as big of a mess in the pants dream come true that could ever happen for me. Standing for 3 hours, getting hot, sweaty, thristy, and bitchy before the show started was so worth it. By the time the curtains opened and the lasers and disco beats exploded as she decended from the ceiling on top of a big ole skull shapped disco ball, I was in awe. here's a clip of her opening from the same show I was at in San Fran at the Fox theater:

There were 5 gigantic screens on robotic arms pivoting around the stage with Miss K and all of her fantastic hot ass scantily clad male dancers (girl knows her crowd). She had special videos to accompany whatever song she was singing to, not THE video, but a special tour created backdrop. Here's one of my favorites:

Anyhow, I while I doubt the Gaga experience will raise such a clatter within my little gay soul, I do look forward to a fantastic show.

Tell me, what have some of your favorite concerts been?

Notable mentions for me are:
Rob Zombie
The Donnas
The Strokes
Juliet and the Licks

Till next time, Rock on killers......

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jp said...

Still can't decide on Gaga, though I'm guessing it will already be sold out...

Favorite concerts are (surprisingly) Alice Cooper, Meat Loaf, and Elton John/Billy Joel

Oh, and Fleetwood Mac at the Qwest was a good show last year