Thursday, March 18, 2010

Operation Debt Free 2010

So with a lot of thinking going on this week, thinking about getting out of the current slump, I've been thinking long and hard on what past mistakes I've been making as a way to identify and keep away from these behaviors. The cool part about it is, I've come to realize that half of the problems I've been obsessing over, weren't really problems that belong directly to me. Putting all that stuff aside, I figured the best place to start is with my financial well being. The goal, to have my debt payed off by the age of 30, about a year and a half.

Been crunching some numbers and doing some balancing, while I really don't make gobs of money, I really don't have that many expenses either. Take it, I have a really nice impusle buying fetish to deal with, but for the most part I do live pretty cheap. I'm debating commiting to one of my past credit accounts that is offering me a substantial amount off if I lock into a $300 a month payment plan for 6 months. Seriously that's like a little over half of what the balance on the card is.

More than anything I guess it would be a great way to start my 30's out. Would rather clean up my 20's at the end of them rather than pay for them in my 30's. It feels good to make a plan and set up a goal for something. It feels like it's been a long time since I've done that. Here's hoping I stick with it.

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Ray Ray said...

It's great that you're reaching ownership of your finances at your age...when I was your age I was still still working 3 jobs to pay off 10 credit cards and not saving anything...not a good way to live...kudos to you!