Friday, January 9, 2009

Mr. Myers Prototype Mask for H2

So Ray Ray, it's you and me here bud. You want H2 updates, you come see good ole Heat cause wheather anyone else gives a shit or not, I'm posting them.

1. Danielle Harris (Jamie Halloween 4 and 5, Annie Brackett in the remake) is coming back for H2.

2. The release date bumped up from October to August (how can they do this with a movie that hasn't even started filming?)

3. There is going to be a plathora of new characters, I've read a casting memo that's kind of a buzzkill cause these are characters who die, and it tells how they die, sounds VERY very cool.

4. They're moving the shoot from Pasadena (remake) to a town in Georgia, and if you ask me Georgia is just fucking scary to begin with.

5. Here is a prototype pic of the new Myers Mask. Notice the bullet hole Ray Ray? Looks like a graze to me.....


Ray Ray said...

1. Ok, Rob Zombie is full of shit b/c on the commentary to H he said that letting Annie live in the remake (instead of dying as in the original) was just a random choice, when NOW WE COME TO FIND that his master plan all along was to build the sequel around her...the sequel he said HE'D NEVER MAKE. Sheri Moon Zombie better keep an eye on him...I think he might have the hots for this little vixen.

2. They bumped it to August so they don't have to compete with the next Saw movie. Just like My Bloody Valentine is coming out THIS month so it doesn't have to compete with the F13th remake...but don't worry, if anyone can throw a movie together it's Mr. Z.

3. I have to know as much as possible about F13th before I go see it because I don't like surprises.

4. A red state is a perfect place for a murderous rampage...

5. Does this mean in the sequel Mr. Zombie has moved into Myers as zombie territory...? Something else I seem to remember her tsk tsking at in the commentary to H. My my, how the mighty $ does win out, even for Miss I am grislier and grungier and more alternative than you Zombie!

heat said...

Totally agree, if they zombify him I will be greatly dissapointed. Don't quite know yet if the sequel is going to revolve around Annie tho. From what they are saying, the sequel continues right from the minute that the last one left off and that it wasn't going to be set in the hospital like the original sequel was. And as we remember Annie was cut the F up at the end of the last one. I dunno, I can see her in a short run of time with them paying homage to the original sequel with Michael getting her in the hospital but moving on from there. I dunno.

Plus one thing, Sherri Moon Zombie is in all of Rob's the hell is he going to sqeez her into this one hmmm???? I have a huge autographed RZ poster from one of his concerts with her on it that says "Say You Love Satan", my mother loved that one.