Thursday, July 24, 2008

I'm Luvin' It

So I have a McDonalds right down the street from my house. I thought it might be a problem having one so close to me when we first moved to our new house, but save for a few hungover sausage egg biscuit mornings, I think I've taken the kids there once for lunch. Not too bad in over 3 months.

Across the street from my house is also a park. So lot's of people eat their McDonalds on the picnic tables in the nice. But I've noticed something quite strange recently. When I get home from work from my regular 9-5, I can usually see people parked across the street from my house, down the street from Mickey D's, far away from the picnic tables having Big Mac attacks in their cars. One said person usually shows up at the same time everyday, to park, scarf, and drive off.

Could it be, that people get off work, go eat a number 4, and then go home for supper? If this is the case all I can say are a fucking God to me.

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