Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Ok, no more. JP I'm with you, operation mustache under way. At least that will help out my Halloween costume a little as Dr. Jeckyl.

And speaking of, it's always nice to have your birthday on a really fun holiday, as not to get depressed at aging another digit. I was trying to remember how old I was going to be the other day, as us gays tend to not pay attention after 21, as nothing really important happens after that. Well, except for insurance going down at fucking time. Turns out, after counting on my fingers, it's year 27.

So anyhoo, gonna dress up, get my step-son all spooked out as Jason, sent them out and about and stick around the house to see if I get any trick or treaters. have a couple dyke friends coming to visit so I will be downtown after T or T'ing is over to get utterly shitfaced.

What's everyone else doing?


jp said...

Were you down? I missed you! Although, I was a bit crocked so you could've been standing right next to me and I probably wouldn't have noticed.

Happy belated BDAY!!!!!

cb said...

That's your beard afte a week? YOu need some of my "spray on beard" stuff?? :-)