Thursday, April 23, 2009

Just for one damn day!

New to HHS:the sequel. Tunes whenever I feel like fucking posting them......

Bought this off iTunes at Mommy's house this weekend, listened to it for the first time leaving the little house on the prarie. If you knew what I accomplished this weekend, it's totally fitting.

P.S. Went to the feed store with my Dad this past weekend to get munchies for the horses. The sister fucking worker behind the counter was chatting with The Dad, who told him I was The Son home for the weekend, and hopefully we could get some potatoes planted in the garden before the rain hit. Sister fucker replied, "Well, I'd get him on his hands and knees so he could get to work. Looks like he's capable." As if I wasn't there. Oh sister fucker......if you only knew about these hands and knees. Ha Ha!


Minogue said...

Originally done by the Wallflowers???

heat said...

Bowie was the original, I think the Wallflowers covered it for the Godzilla soundtrack, you smart one.