Friday, May 1, 2009

Gay Marriage in Iowa

I have two of the best neighbors in the world. They're a lesbian couple who have been together for quite a while, have a very nice looking house and very nice cars. They also have little twin kids, about 3 years old, little boy and a little girl, that they were able to concieve through insemination. On every nice day they walk by our house and stop and pet the dog, then either me or Tom runs into the house to grab a tootsie roll or lollipop for the little ones. Then we stand around and chit chat for a while.

Lately our conversations have revolved around the gay marriage issue in Iowa, 10 minutes away from where we live in Omaha. And I think Landy summed it up the best,

"Could they have picked a more retarded looking couple to fucking throw on the news?" (picture above)

We all concured. These women had about a 1st grade vocabulary and were able to get past the 3 day waiting period because their mom had health issues and was the only one in the household with a valid drivers license to drive them to the courthouse.....

I knew the freakish would come first and the rest are still mulling over colors and flowers. On that note, congratulations to my buds Susie and Linda who got married yesterday. And no, you're not one of the freakish.

Oh yeah, and it's take of your shirt Friday again.

I'd like to LaBouf all over his face.

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Anonymous said...

I don't find Shia attractive AT ALL, but I do admire the male form, and since he's a male...well then, I'll give him that much. I'm sorry the big boned girls with limited vocab skills didn't impress you, but look at some of the hets that get married in this country...I'm sure these two gals are tons better than that! Congrats to your friends!