Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It's begining to look a lot like bitchness...

Email Exchange between me and a couple of work hos this morning. Enjoy.

Hi guys,
I have ran this passed a few of you and wanted to know what you think of this. I am on a really big give back kick this holiday season. What would you think of taking a collection and making a donation in (boss)'s name to Boxer Rescue in Nebraska. He has a boxer.

Let me know. Like I said, I am on this big give back kick this year so just let me know.


First response.....

How about a raise first????? Then I’ll worry about spending money on someone else’s dog in my boss’s name just because he has one of the same breed……then again, maybe not.


THANK YOU! We are in a recession…Why does she keep asking for money?

Just cuz she doesn’t have ppl to buy for doesn’t mean the rest of us don’t. I have a life outside this JOB.


i think i am going to have my own team meeting and have a general discussion regarding this issue. it is not fair for people to keep coming up with these ideas and expecting people to participate. I don’t feel obligated to do this shit and nobody else should either. (Boss) should say something as well because he doesn’t need all this stuff and enough is enough. Donating gifts instead of doing a gift exchange between ourselves is a good idea. But that’s about as far as I can go with this team spirit.


My whole thing is…he gets paid more than all of us…why are we doing stuff on the sly for him…why don’t he buy us something hell.


Ya’ll kno when we have this meeting were gonna look like the bad guy for not wantin to participate.


Well, that may be true. But I come here for a paycheck so I can buy my kids gifts-not a grown ass man. I will not feel bad expressing that at all. If I look like a bad guy than oh well. What are they gonna do? Ban me from the “salad eating committee”?! (note: fat ladies that eat salad every day with the same amount of calories as a Whopper) Not make that jello cake (again, fat lady birthday treats)? Big whoop.


Oh well……if you don’t love me, you better hate me.

Ahhh......I can feel the Christmas Spirt creeping right on up. Gobble gobble gurls.


cb said...

You work with a fun black girl, don't you??

Anonymous said...

How do you know???? hell

Ghaknar said...

I need to learn more about this "jello cake"

Alexander said...


jp said...

You're the one who sent the first note, aren't you? Suckup.