Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Party Time

K, so I'm either too stupid or too lazy to figure out how to add my totally awesomest music playlist onto my post here, so here's the link that you can copy and paste.....think you can handle it? Good deal, Sunshine!


This is my saving grace at work, all of my deliciously faggy songs that pull me up by my bootstraps and help me through. Take a listen, would you? As I love to push my musical tastes off on everyone, can you tell I used to DJ? I realize that the list is quite long, so let me just point you towards a few gems that are particularly favorites of mine.

Spankox-To the club

I used to play this constantly about 4 years ago, my roomate wanted to effing kill me.

Rihanna-Take a Bow (unkown remix)

I have a hard time deciding if I like the original version or the remix more.

Leanne Rimes-Tick Tock (Thunderpuss remix)

This remix is so generically GAY, but I think that's why I love it.

Lost Witness-7 Colours

A song about rainbows, what the hell isn't to like?

Towa Tei feat Kylie Minogue- G.B.I (German Bold Itallic)

Probably the weirdest song she's ever been a part of, but very very cool. When I'm alone I try vogueing to it......terribly.

Take a quick listen, and heck, if you get time, send me your playlists. I love snooping around in other people's tastes.


jp said...

I can't believe I've been blogging for 7 years and didn't know about this playlist.com thing. THIS. CHANGES. EVERYTHING.

Bless you, my child.

Ray Ray said...

kylie looks like an awesome fembot in that photo.

heat said...

Yes JP, it is a God send in my little pathetic life.

Ray Ray- Couldn't agree with you more, I'm not sure about all the denim though.........either way, she's brilliant to me.

cb said...


heat said...

OMG I have a whole cd of Leann Rimes remixes, lol. Is that good or bad, i can't tell.....