Monday, December 1, 2008


So, I went home to my folks for Thanksgiving this weekend and got roped into going to church with them. Now, I go to church almost every Sunday, I honestly do, but my parents' church is so fucked up it's crazy.

I walked out of their church having learned that Jim Morrison and Janis JAPLIN (Yes, he said Japlan) are burning in hell and died so soon because of that pesky rock and roll music.


Gays, Jews, Catholics, Muslums, Hindus, etc. etc. etc. are banding together to create a super religeon and we are going to throw Evangelicals into concentration camps..........


Here's the deal, it got me thinking, how awesome would a concentration camp be for people like this fucking whack job? First, I'd give him an abortion, then I'd dress him in drag, then I'd make him suck on a big fat cock..........who wants to help me make my realization possible


jp said...

I will donate 1 cock for this cause.

Ray Ray said...

What's Pastor Dick complaining about? A gay concentration camp is better than a weekend in Vegas! And remember, what happens in the gay concentration camp STAYS in the gay concentration camp. He'll love it!