Monday, March 16, 2009


Mondays are the worst ever. I don't think I'm a big complainer, but I will always have nothin' good to say about a Monday. Monday is really no different than any other weekday really, only I'm usually a little more hung-over. So today I thought I'd chronical all of my big doings thru my Monday in order to try to understand why they are the way they are:

8:00 am; got to work, on time, don't have my iTouch cause asshat step-son stole it and took it to mom's. Made a note to punch him.

8:15 am; Finally able to log into my peice of shit computer that takes 50 hours to start.

10:10 am; wasting company time by starting to write a blog. Looking forward to my pink slip by mid-afternoon.

10:15 am; remembered broken but halfway functioning headphones in file cabinet, Chaka Kahn is making everything seem a little better.

10:38 am; Sales is making everything worse by being fucking retarded.

11:37 am; IMing my buddy Paul, just talking about weiners and balls.

12:52 pm; Back from lunch, ran home for a nice 15 minute recharge nap and a quick wank. I'd say the day is looking up, but I'm thinking that was prolly going to be the best part of my day.

1:01 pm; Got a text from BFF Philson, Club Joy is back open this weekend. I barbacked there before it closed 4 years ago, the funnest time in my life. See if I can't get my job back.

2:18 pm; Out of steam.

4:00 pm; One. More. Hour.

4:06 pm; Asshat step-son calls to tell me that my iTouch is frozen and won't work. Making a note to punch him twice.

Skipping ahead to 5:00 pm; running out the effing door

5:30; cocktail in hand and a step-son punched twice


jp said...

Joy was fun but kind of dead, and they've really fucked up the place
over the last couple of years.

cb said...

You need to beat that child. The touch isn't his!

I'd sure as he'll show him how I touch...

Ray Ray said...

I disagree with the idea of beating the step son, but a good smack across the kisser never hurt anyone, and it does make an impression. Honey, Barbacking doesn't lead to anything but getting laid and free hits of that really what you want? if so, then go for it! if not, then start looking for other avenues...

heat said...

Ha Ha, for me Barbacking used to lead to occasional Bartending gigs. I always pay for my E. Yeah, and I don't beat the child, my happiness will come with knowing that one day, he'll be whipping my ass.