Friday, March 27, 2009


So I sat my happy ass down in my cube (a.k.a the soul sucker of deprivaty)this morning, sat my shit down, and this is what I found. Apples and Oranges. It amused me for about 10 seconds, then I realized how fucking lame I am.

Gay prom is this weekend. The wife had to get me drunk in order to get me to go get fitted for a tux. $250.00 fucking bucks for the both of us to look like douches. I see more unpaid bills and have a sinking feeling in my tummy about them. Apparently our relationship needs "work" so I guess this is how people work out their problems, paying for something they can't afford. Oh fucking well, I hear McDonalds is looking for another part time McNerd. Maybee I'll post pics when all is said and done. I just hope to God I don't wake up pregnant like I did the morning after in High school. I threw out all my wire hangers.


Minogue said...

You are so not lame because I got the humor of that picture immediately.

Or maybe I am lame too.

heat said...

You've never been lame Min, so now my weiner is happy once again.

jp said...

Do NOT give it up in the back seat. Make him take you to a nice motel.

Ray Ray said...

Hope you had fun!