Monday, June 29, 2009

Ooops....Oh My

You know.....sometimes as a gay person, when you learn how to live your life as self-sufficently as possible, you kind of forget to give a heads up to the people that are actually keeping tabs on you. Case in point, my favorite lez-bros Kendra and Karissa. Been really weird on the homefront on my end for the last few weeks, of which they know all about. My cell was shut off last week in part of poverty on my end or vindictiveness on someone else's that I "share" my plan with, not sure which yet. Either way, my line of contact with my loved one's is pretty much cut off or limited to emails. Lezbros went on a Lezcon 5 mission to figure out what was going on with their Nancy Boy Heat and called messaged my buddys. End of the day, I just hung my embarassed head a lil low and hoped no one would call and find out my douchiness in bill paying/plan sharing. After all the bitching and moaning that I've unloaded on these chikas, I should have give them the heads up. It's nice to know that someone worries about you when things are a little whacked, but I feel bad about it and really didn't mean to cause a stink. So I guess that's life lesson #2,982....don't assume that you can duck under the radar when a couple of dykes are involved. Love you girls, talk to you soon, lol


Ray Ray said...

It's good to know you've got people looking out for you!

Kendra & Karissa said...

We love you!!! Don't ever scare us like that again!!!