Friday, July 9, 2010

The New Guy

Well, I met someone new over pride last weekend. Spent the past week getting to know him and have really enjoyed the time spent. I met him down on the riverfront after getting out of the parade and I was walking around looking at the pride booths and whatnot while waiting for my friends to show up. I was making my way to the beer tent when I was approached by this guy with the gay professionals neworking team and asked if I would wear one of their stickers. We chatted it up for a bit, as he put my sticker on my chest for me, and it was pretty obvious that there was some mutual attraction going on.

I left to continue exploring what was the faggiest weekend in Omaha, getting that beer from the beer tent and buying various rainbow themed things as somehow that crap really appeals to me on the one day a year. I ended up running into the “gay professional” guy again, this time him asking if I might have an extra drink ticket, as he was wanted to get a beer for his friend and himself but was short one. I liked this approach, and wonder even now if it was just a ploy to talk some more, which was perfectly fine by me. I walked with him back to the beer tent, introduced ourselves even further, talked a bit more, and ended up exchanging phone numbers.

Fast forward to a few days later and we’ve got a movie date set up at my place. We didn’t get to the movie, as we opened a bottle of wine and talk talk talked getting to know each other. Was pretty cool, there seems to be a lot that we have in common starting with being a couple of blue collar guys with two jobs each. We’re also artistic in our own rights, we both love to paint and he’s a fantastic photographer. He does a lot of community work and is always busy with something, which I find very attractive in a guy. He’s in his early 40’s, looks like he’s in his mid 30’s, very tall compared to me, maybee about 6’2, light complexion, brown eyes, very funny, and very kind, and I think really cute. Pretty different from anyone I’ve gone out with before, which is a good thing considering my track record.

So, going slow with this one, seeing what we would both want out of anything and see if they mesh well together. I feel pretty secure with him, don’t feel like theres any hidden agenda or that he’s putting up an act and will totally change in a month. Has a geniune personality and that’s pretty awesome to see in someone who you’ve only just met. Going to spend some more time this weekend and I’m looking forward to it.


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Hey Jon, Good Luck on your new adventure with this guy. So far it sounds like he hasnt done you wrong. Just take things slow and see where things go. But im sure you already know that. LOL Miss ya and all my omaha friends. will be back soon for a visit.