Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Things accomplished over Pride/4th weekend

Drank an enormous amount of alcohol.
Was in the Pride parade.
Saw almost every single friend I have in Omaha.
Met a guy.
Went to jail for two hours.
Did lunch with my parents.
Bought a ridiculous pair of shoes.
Spent my rent money.
Agreed to taking in a Chihuahua.
Took everything left that belongs to my ex to the dumpster.
Passed the hell out with one of my besties.
Ate like a pig.
Made new friends.
Consumed more jello shots than one should ever be allowed.
Got sunburned.
Molested some random guy on the dancefloor.
Watched some pyro.
Made a date.
Flipped of protesters.
Overshared yet again on Facebook.
And that’s just what I remember. Hopefully I wasn’t too much of a shitty faggot to anyone :-)


Tracie Mauk said...

Hey, I was in the parade too! I was marching with the HRC with our "Repeal Don't Ask Don't Tell" banners.

Glad you had a good time! (aside from the, uh... jail)

You were far more productive than I. I got overheated and went home to sleep and be lousy.

Alias Ray Ray said...

Sounds like the perfect Pride weekend! :)