Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Years Resolutions

Go back to San Fran for a week.
Work as little as possible.
Dance, a fuckin' lot.
Buy a ibook.
Set up the ultimate bachelor pad.
Cook like a maniac.
Get back into my art.
Read a lot.
Have respect for myself.
Learn how to tell people "NO".
Find a new band/artists to adore.
Sighn up for softball.
Have a handfull of illicit encounters.
Do more comunity work.
Think about re-approaching school.
Learn to be comfortable in my own skin.
Not have a boyfriend.
Sleep comfortably.
Be a sweet boy.
Save a little nest egg.

Can't believe we're onto a new decade already. I think 10 years back and remember being ready to graduate from high school, getting drunk at a NYE party some unkown kid was having. This was the year of the whole Y2K thing and everybody was so anxious to see if the world was going to end because of the computer systems freaking out. Now, by the time it hits midnight in Nebraska, obviously the other parts of the world that are ahead of us ended up being fine. But that didn't stop one of my farm kid friends from messing with the fuse box at midnight shutting off all the lights at this lame ass teenage drinking party. I don't know why I remember that NYE more so than any of the others, I just remember having had a really fun time.

Oh and the really good bitch fight that broke out when this drunk girl kept playing the same Limp Bizkit song over and over again until it freaked the freak out of another drunk bitch.....that was cool.

This year, I'm going solo. Gonna prowl Dc's and see if I can't bag me a roughneck. Wish me luck.

Happy New Year guys.

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