Friday, May 14, 2010

Kylie Minogue - All The Lovers

The world's most heavenly angel is back with her brand new song. LOVE IT TO DEATH!

She uses her voice, it's not overshaddowed by the music, it's not digitally distorted robot voice, it's sweet soft Kylie voice. It hasn't been used to her advantage like this in a long time. I love the pianos, I love the electrobeats, somehow they don't clash. Whoever produced this did a really great job showcasing all of her best attributes.

Best part is, we get the album at the same time as our friends across the pond do for the first time ever. She usually releases her albums overseas months before releasing them in the US. July 6th is going to feel like a million years away. I really hope that it's a hit here. Looking forward to the remixes and dancing to this song all damn summer long. Very happy gay over here. :-)

The images are behind the scenes pics for the video shoot that took place last weekend in Los Angeles.