Thursday, May 6, 2010

LeT's GeT iNtO PhYsIcHaL!!!

So, I'm not a big fan of Glee. Not a hater, don't dislike it, just don't have the tingle in the weiner that a lot of us boys of a certain persuation have. Honestly, I'm kind of jealous about it as I love being obsessive compulsive over things of this nature. It's just lost on me, but that's ok.

I heard some rumblings last week that they might do a Kylie show, which is really the only thing that's perked my interest on the show. (somehow, even the mention of the Madonna episode was met with my new favorite response as of late, "Eh...") I had to tell someone, as I think it was one of those afternoons where I'd realized I hadn't talked to a living soul but the dog. So I texted my Gleek, JP.

"I can top that," texted he, "ONJ will be ON Glee this week singing Lets Get Physical with Sue Sylvester" So, I was impressed, and not just because JP said he could top something, so I decided I'd watch it this week if I was around. Somehow, JP already had the song downloaded from the episode and made sure that I heard it when I stopped by to pick him up at his place before going out for a drink. I liked it a lot and asked him to replay it. Once Tuesday came around, I got home from the gym (no kidding) and realized that not only was the show on, it was about halfway over with. I flipped the tv on, and not but a few minutes passed and the video was played.

#1. ONJ looks hot, even with plastic face.
#2. If I like anything about this show, it's Sue Sylvester.
#3. I wish there were guys like that at my gym.

Very entertaining, sexy, and good to see Ms. John back with some much wanted recognition stateside.

And speaking of gym, my endeavors are very slightly starting to take into minor effect. I hate how all some people talk about is the gym when they get into "that mode", and I admit, that's the mode that I'm in. So I'll be short about it. I feel like when I was a kid looking for my first ball hair swearing to God I could see one and feeling all manly. Only this time I swear I feel a little less blub in certain spots, a little more firmness in others, but deffinately a lot of soreness in places I'm not used to feeling sore. Only week two, changes are always small if you're really doing them the right way, so I hope I stick with what I'm doing cause if anything it's doing a lot for my state of mind and my attitude and behaviors. cause of it, the drinking has dropped off even more and I'm getting full 8 hrs of sleep at night from exhaustion.

The end!

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