Friday, April 23, 2010

Week In Revue

Archie comics will be introducing a gay character named, Kevin Keller, in September. I always thought Archie and Jughead were on the down-low with each other in the first place using Betty and Veronica as their beards, while Reggie was always such an asshole cause the boys would never throw him a bone. Principal Weatherbee is off somewhere licking his lips whilst maturbating.

I found out this week that Type O Negative's frontman Peter Steele died from resperatory failure. While not one of my favorite band's of my youth I did have to dig out my copy of Bloody Kisses to pay respects. Peter Steele posed for Playgirl back in the day, and I had thought of posting one of those pics in Memorandum, but felt it creepy looking at a naked dead guy, plus I don't pander to filth (yeah right). Google it if you want and it comes right up, literally.

In other news, I haven't drank in 6 days and my corner store filed for bankrupcy this week. I've been eating like a son of a bitch all week, but still losing weight, which leads me to believe that a.) what I have been drinking is drastically more saturated with sugar and b.) I drink a lot friggin more than I realize. Helping my friend Richard move this weekend but would like to end my streak of sobriety at least one night this weekend out on the town. So hit me up if your out peeps.

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