Monday, April 5, 2010

Hoppity, Hop Hop

Well, Easter weekend has come and gone. I was going to go home to see my family, but my Mom ended up being scheduled at her new job over the weekend, so just said screw it and stayed home. I'm really glad that I did, because I had a lot of fun and got to catch up with a ton of people, some that I haven't seen for a while and then others that I love seeing given any opportunity.

Upon hearing that I wasn't coming home as planned, my baby mama Karissa decided that she would come down to visit me instead. We ended up taking her sister Kylie to my old bar Flixx for the Miss Flixx pageant. It was her first drag show and she was taking as many pictures as an Asian on vacation. (Don't you just love stereotypes?) She was even able to get an up close and personal shot with my former boss, Erica Joy, who in her typical fashion was wearing almost absolutely nothing. Where the penis is is anyone's guess. From there we did some marathon dancing at the Max until closing time. I started out the night feeling kind of "Blah" but ended up not wanting it to end at all.

Before Karissa left town the next day, we ended up stopping at Hooters for lunch, as neither of us had ever been there. I was slightly horrified until I got my wings as I needed to sopp up the previous night's beer consumption. We goofed on the waitresses, one of which who looked like she was pushing her Hooters expiration date and another with a Joan Jett circa '87 hair do. Kylie Minogue's Locomotion even came on, making me want to start a train right there. Which is ironic, as my friend Ray-Ray puts it as her music is being played at Hooters and she being a breast cancer survivor.

Anyhow, Karissa leaves, which actually bummed me out quite a bit. We don't get to see each other nearly as I'd like and walking back into the apartment by myself kind of gave me the blues after all that fun. Ended up staying in for the rest of Saturday working on some artwork for an insanely long time for what I'm used to putting in.

Easter was good, did the gay church thing and was invited to Easter dinner at my friendss Stan and Scott's place. It was a nice suprise and everything was so delicious. Especially dessert, I ended up having to have two helpings. Talk about double trouble. They definately know how to make a guest feel welcome. If you read this, thanks again guys.

While expecting a quiet and early night on the sofa, Miss Schwa texted wanting to head over to JP's for a few beers. After royally twisting my arm, I obliged for his sake. We all met up, and again, I started out feeling kind of "Blah" expecting to stick around for one or two once we got to the bar. But as these things usually go, ended up closing up the place. While I was able to fend of the shot monsters for the first round, I ended up with about four jeggar shots down when all was said and done. Amazingly enough, I wasn't a big sloppy mess (probaly all that good Easter dinner in my stomach yet), walked home without incident, got to bed and started it all over come 6 a.m. Was a very lovely weekend and I appreciate all involved. :-)

Cheers Kids: Karissa, Kylie, Paul, Chris, Alison, Sarah, Scott, Stan, Bean, Steve-o, Erica, Joshie poo, Philson, Courtney, Smay, Jonna, Dennis, Mikey

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