Wednesday, August 5, 2009


So I pick up my new apartment keys on Friday over my lunch hour. Have yet to do any packing, for a number of reasons. The main reason including that the ex doesn't want to come to terms with the fact that this is really happening. The few people I've told of what's going down have all expressed their concerns with his mental state once he lets it hit home, suggesting that I make this move as fast as I possibly can. So I suppose a bunch of moving boxes laying around for the last week would not have been good for his psyche, nor my belongings when the bipolar roller coaster leaves the platform. It doesn't help that I'm also putting in a 72 hr work week between the 2 jobs and am so dragging ass the way it is.

So I think I might pick up the keys on Friday, take a carload of my things that he won't even notice over this weekend. Along with a few changes of clothes, pick up some toiletries, and pack up a sleeping bag. That way I can ask for the next weekend off from job #2 for moving the rest of the major things but have the new place set up enough to stay at. My patience are deffinately worn thin over the fact that I've been trying to move for over a month, but have either not had the availability of a good place to go or else the means to do so.

In the same breath it's pretty weird to know that the time has come and where I thought I'd be out of the door running and screaming, I'm not. I'm not saying that I want things to stay the way that they are, or that I'm questioning my decision. Just the feeling of the end looming, yet, without any kind of closure. I took the kids to the sitter on my way to work this morning, probably my last time doing that, and instead of feeling dread or sadness, felt only numb. And that's okay with me. Not like I won't ever see them again, just probably won't be for a while, my choice as well.

So with that said, I'm about off to go to my home of 2 more days, and do my best to make sure that the last 2 days are as uneventful as they can be. Everything's worked out peachy up until this point, no reason it won't for the rest. Layta


Kendra & Karissa said...

We love you Jon and support you 100%. You need to do what makes YOU happy for once in your life. Keep us posted!!!

heat said...

I'm totally running away to see you guys in Denver as soon as I possibly can. Love you girls to death, and miss you as much too.

Anonymous said...

I am proud.

heat said...

I'm soooooo taking you to dinner here within a week or so Mr. JP. GIRL TALK!!!