Thursday, August 6, 2009

You might not know.....

Going through the break up/move out process, there's a shit ton of self reflection going on. Hey, it's a major change of life. Perspectives rarely show themselves as blatantly to me as they are right now, so I'm trying to understand the type of person that I am so that I can try to be the kind of person that I want to be. Don't always feel so open, or so raw, but I thought some of you might like a weird ole' peek to the inside of Heat (for those of you who already haven't seen my insides). Here's 50 things you may or may not know about my gay ass.

1. I can't live without my iTouch.
2. I don't ever want to be famouse for anything.
3. I won't use crayons that are brand new, they're my idea of perfection.
4. I'm violent sometimes.
5. Julia Roberts is my favorite.
6. I'm scared to death to be alone.
7. I'm not scared of hard work.
8. I get bored too easy.
9. I'm an alcoholic.
10. I have family that I don't love.
11. My dog's are the greatest.
12. My dad is my hero.
13. I'm a Christian and go to church almost every week.
14. I use humor to mask pain.
15. I love ice cream.
16. Jackie Brown is my all time favorite movie.
17. I wear a size 12 shoe.
18. I used to cut myself as a teenager, sometimes I relapse.
19. I'd love to become a highschool English teacher.
20. I have a hard time with Math.
21. I have two step-kids, I love them dearly.
22. I'm actually a very happy person.
23. I'm going to see my idol, Kylie Minogue in October.
24. I can make love for hours.
25. I'm a risk taker.
26. I don't have very many friends.
27. My favorite color is blue.
28. I'm in love with someone that I don't like a lot of the time.
29. My oldest nephew is like my little brother.
30. I get scared really easily.
31. I don't know how to play video games.
32. I don't like horses.
33. I'm really happy with the size of my penis.
34. I love rainy days the best.
35. I get lonely easily.
36. I'm the fattest I've ever been in my life.
37. I grew up on a farm.
38. I have crippling nightmares sometimes.
39. I love horror movies.
40. There's an autographed copy of Cosmo decorating my work desk of Jennifer Lopez.
41. I can't stand toenails.
42. I get crushes on people way too easily.
43. I could quit smoking if I felt like it.
44. I think anal is weird, but good.
45. Sometimes I donate my time.
46. I like to sleep while snuggling with my dog.
47. I don't like to be touched if I don't welcome it first.
48. I think I'm going to die in my 60's.
49. I still love my ex-boyfriend.
50. Life cereal is the food of the God's.


Bad Alice said...

Does 38 have anything to do with 39?

I have the same issue as 18. Don't meet many men who do that.

As for 50, I would vote for Corn Chex.

madhouse 6 said...

love the line about the crayons (and jackie brown... seems like nobody loves that movie - i really do, pam is great).

nice list.

Minogue said...

8, 11, 14, 26, 46, 47, 50. Yep.

Ray Ray said...

That was awesome. I love Jackie Brown too, and I like Bridget Fonda, but only in that movie. It's the perfect role for her. We have a lot in common. I wish you the best!