Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Anus, Slacks, and Casseroles

Sunday night I got to relive the past a little bit with a pretty good sized fraction of a group of friends that I used to hang out and party with just about every single weekend. We all used to frequent or work at “Club Joy” before it closed about 5 years ago. Since the club’s demise, a lot of people have moved, found other circles of friends, stopped going out, etc. For the most part, we’ve all kept up with each other, but for everyone to be in the same room will never be possible again. We made a pretty good attempt at it the other night though, for all of us that are still living here in the big O.

All in all there were about ten of us there, a mix of loyal patrons, drag queens, and staff who all met up at former owner, Eric’s apartment downtown. Cocktails, food, chit chatting, and old DVD’s of the N’JOY girls shows. It really was quite a good time, better than what I was expecting for not seeing a lot of these people in quite some time. Was worried that it might seem a little awkward. But, I had my girls JP and Schwa with me so I knew it would be worth going. I wasn’t wrong as while the three of us were walking from JP’s to Eric’s we had conversations about, but not limited to: Anus, Slacks, and Casseroles. You had to be there.

Watching some of the old drag performances really took me back. These girls were STARS to me at the time. Made me miss 2003 for a bit as it’s been a long time since I’ve seen anyone perform to ANY Cher remix or everyone’s favorite at the time “Girl From the Gutter”. Totally put me into a deep Thunderpuss K hole. Remembered being 22 again running my ass around the club, as a bar back. It was my favorite job ever, as I would have been there anyway, only I would have been spending money rather than making it. Meeting Porn stars, getting hit on by Chi Chi LaRue, running the spotlight at drag shows, helping Courtney bartend on the crazy ass busy nights, scooping people up off the floor, screaming at everyone to get the fuck out once it was closing time, finding tips on the dance floor that would fall from the performers hands cleavage or crotches, running around in my wet underwear at the foam parties. It was possibly the most fun of my life, as I think it was the very first time that I was totally free to my own devices and was very comfortably supporting myself.

Sounds like there will be a Joy BBQ in the works once the weather gets nicer. Looking forward to it, I’ve missed my old “family”.

Princess Schwa doing her Chi Chi Rodriguez pose


jp said...

Would've been better if Schwa was wearing some cha cha heels, but otherwise the perfect night.

Ray Ray said...

Working at a club is fun, there's nothing quite like it...esp when you get to be a jane of all trades: barback, bartender, dj. I drew the line at cleaning vomit out of the urinals, tho. That was for the morning clean-up crew.