Tuesday, January 5, 2010

This Snow Can Blow Me

So last I heard, we could be looking at another significant snowfall tomorrow.

This shit's gettin' ridiculous.

On New Years Eve I was walking Capone down the frozen sidewalk in front of my complex. There's a boarding house right next to the complex that we usually walk in front of on our pee and poop journeys, but alas, not that day. In the snow, on the side of the road was a man collapsed. There was a police officer standing over him yelling into a radio, while both an ambulance and a firetruck booked it up the opposite direction of the one way street I live on. One of my neighbors peeked his head out the door saying that he knew who the guy was that they were loading up into the ambulance. It's that cold here people, you can about freeze to death walking down the street.

The bizare thing about it.....we went on another walk last night, and the SAME thing happened in the exact SAME place. It freaked my freak kids, there's no way in HELL that I am walking over that part of the sidewalk!

Then this morning on the way to work, I let the Jeep warm up for a few minutes before leaving. In this weather, there really isn't a whole lot you can do to warm up your car. I made it onto the interstate as I saw the temperature gauge slowly moving up. I was chattering so bad that I let the heater rip as high as it would go. It was really rad to see the INSIDE of my winsheild ice up as soon as the warm air hit the freezing cold glass. I was saved by a Notorious B.I.G cd case that I had in the door compartment as I used it as a scraper. I'm sure it's as good of a use as anyone could have ever intended it for.

On my way to work, I encountered 2 school buses in separate areas broke down on the side of the road. More snow tomorrow, and another big drop in the temperature by the end of the week. I don't think I've seen it this shitty in my life.

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