Friday, January 8, 2010

Damn These People

So I ordered a phone on Monday expecting for it to be overnighted to me, as that's the shipping that I paid for. Didn't show up on Tuesday.

Looked at my confirmation on Wednesday, found in the fine print that they had 48 hours to process the order before shipping and then they'd send a shipping confirmation number. This is what I thought I'd received on Monday.

Waited 96 hours and called customer service. Actually got an English speaking person who told me that it would be shipped out today, but Fed Ex won't deliver it until Monday. Damn.....been looking forward to tinkering with it all weekend.

Then I look at my bank account, which grew in the amount of $120.00, the cost of my phone. Hmmmm.....why did this not go through? Thinks me. About an hour later, I received my shipping confirmation from Fed Ex. I'm sure that they'll take it out again at some point, but at least I'll have enough to go out this weekend as my form of entertainment that I had intended isn't showing up as planned. lol

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Anonymous said...

Hope you didn't spend that money yet, pumpkin! Congrats on being connected again