Monday, June 28, 2010

The CWS brings more drama than any gay bar in Omaha

Downtown Omaha has been a bit of a nightmare for the last week and a half. It always seems that people want to book events at the same time that the College World Series is taking place in the two weeks that it goes on. Great for revenue for the city, but an annoyance to those of us that live and/or work in the area. Everything is packed, people don’t know where they’re going or they want to stand around and gawk at everything in especially crowded areas like the Old Market. My Fays and I went out for lunch around noonish on Saturday and there were already scores of drunk as shit people stumbling around. Surprisingly enough, I’ve not yet seen near as much vomit on the sidewalks as I had expected. So that’s a good thing.

I was walking home at 1:30am from my job at the bar on Saturday night, takes me roughly a half an hour. My rules for night time walking are, I don’t speak to anyone for any reason that I don’t know, no iPod, no stops unless absolutely necessary. It’s not that I’m journeying through the ghetto, but I do a LOT of walking, and I know that if anything is going to happen to me, it’s going to be at that time of the day. Again, not that I’m worried about anything happening, just making sure I’m not a sitting duck.

In the time it took me to get home, I walked by or through 2 drunken arguments, one brawl in a parking lot, and was somewhat of a witness to a car slamming into God knows what. The drunken arguments were no big deal, if you’ve ever been drunk, you’ve been in one. Most notably was the guy screaming in his girlfriend’s face that she was a slutty whore for fucking his best friend 7 times. One of those guys who bawls as he screams. “Do you have any idea how bad that makes me feel!?!?!” “Let her have it,” thinks me, although I’m not stranger to being an adulterous slut myself. The other argument was nothing to remember, all I could tell that it was another lover’s spat as the girl “just wanted to be left aloooooooone”.

The brawl was weird; it looked like the Greasers Vs. the Socs, although in my case I think it was out of town boys Vs. Omaha thugs in the parking lot of Cubby’s gas station. This is really a super smart place to start fighting a half hour after the bars have let out and the cop shop is exactly one block down the street. Retards. It was a few blocks later that the car crash happened. I didn’t see it directly, but it happened right around the corner from where I was at and the sound alone scared the living shit out of me. There were a ton of people around that went running up towards the accident, so I didn’t go near it. I can’t handle that shit unless I absolutely have to. There was a car horn blaring and eerily enough, I could hear it until I walked far enough away that it was impossible to hear anymore. Reminded me of a scary movie where the killer crashes a car and smacks into the horn and everyone thinks they’re safe until the horn stops blaring (ala Halloween 5).

Anyhow, I got home without further incident, feeling lucky that for once I wasn’t part of any of the drama. I’m happy that this is the last weekend for the CWS so things can get back to normal around here. I will miss all the cute jock sightings and hearing my friends squeal over all the random hotties. Although next weekend is Pride for us, so it will be another busy weekend, yet one that belongs to “my kind”.

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