Thursday, June 3, 2010

The 100th Post

Wow, the one hundreth post, and it only took me 2 years to get here. Ha ha.

Well, Summertime 2010 is off to a really good start with the kick off of the Memorial Day Weekend last week. Why is it that the 4 day work weeks feel like they kick your ass a lot worse than the regular 5 day weeks? Oh yeah, prolly cause you've had 3 days of partying.

My weekend wasn't a complete tailspin and I kept myself from having "too much fun" until Monday. But I'm skipping ahead of myself. Stayed in on Friday night, as I knew it was going to be a long weekend. Truth be told, I fell asleep on the couch at 9pm. That's the beauty of the workout schedule I've been keeping. If I don't get to take a nap, I'm ready for bed by 10. And it's good deep regular R.E.M'd sleep.

Saturday night, however, I did step out. But not in the way I had intended. I was going to go to a Midnight screening of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, but that fell through. So at aboout 11:30 I headed off downtown not knowing for sure where I wanted to go. The Max had a line halfway down the block, there was no one in DC's, and I didn't feel like walking all the way down to Flixx just to be there for two cocktails before closing time. I halfway thought about getting a 6 pack and going back home, but thought the better of it and decided to go have a sit at DC's even though it was dead.

I slurrped down a few beers, paying more attention to my phone than to anyone else, when I realized that they had the basement open that night. I'd never been down there before, but from what I knew, you had to be in leather gear of some sorts to go down. They must have been lax on the rules, considering the turnout, regular clothed guys were going down. I was in an inner turmoil as to whether I wanted to go down there or not. I felt a little nervous about being alone and not knowing what to expect. Take it, I'm really far from prudish, but you can't really pic and choose what you want to be a witness to in some of those settings and there's no going back once you've seen them, lol. But I decided that it would be a little adventure, it's not like I was going to get raped and could leave whenever I wanted.

I walked down the stairs, glad I had a few beers in me for stabilization, paid the cover and walked in and took a look around. It was kind of dark, but I didn't see any medevil torture devices or hear screams of pain or anything like that, so I was ok. Right off the bat, before I ordered anything the bartender handed me a plastic cup. I looked at it like I didn't know how to use it until the bartender saw my confusion and carefully helped me evaluate that it was "a shot". Hoping that it wasn't roofied, I took my happy little shot, thankful that I didn't go straight into convulsions (cause I hear that's when they like to git' ya). Ordered another beer, took a minute to appreciate the lovely dvd they were screening, and then decided to walk around.

There were black plastic sheets hung from the ceiling in a back area that reminded me of a really cheap haunted house. So the curiousity got the best of me and I went to go peek my head in. Then a voice from behind me said, "If you go in there by yourself you're bound to get swarmed." I turned around and ended up being a guy that I had seen upstairs a bit back. We chatted a bit, introduced ourselves, did my whole "I've never been down here before, is it as crazy as they say!?" type of thing. So we ended up walking through the "haunted house" and it really turned out to be nothing other than what you could have seen 8 years ago on Queer As Folk. It was actually a little more modest than I thought it would be, but at the same time it didn't seem like anyone was too shy about anything. Ended up walking out of the maze and ending the rest of the night perched at the bar (imagine that). But, at least I don't have to really wonder anymore. Except for what busy nights are actually like down there, heh heh heh.

More on Monday's activities tomorrow.....I didn't realize this post was going to get so long!

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