Friday, June 18, 2010

First Night on the job (again)

We’ll I go back to work at good ole’ Flixx Video Lounge tonight. I stopped in last night to meet up with Jerret and do the regular paperwork thing and to get a crash course on the video equipment that I’ll be working with. I’m relieved to know that we’re no longer using 2 DVD players hooked up to a soundboard and manually finding the DVD that you want, loading up the disc, queing your track making sure that the volume was just right through a headset because each disc seemed to fluxuate. All of this within the coarse of a 3-4 minute song (which is why I usually opted for abnormally long remixes or played songs that were back to back on the same dvd making the pause between songs rather than fading them together).

No, kiddles, we joined the new millenium and are now all digitally stored and functionable through a new thing that we call, a computer. Can you say that after me? COM-PU-TER. In fact, they have humongous playlists already set up for what they usually play on Friday and Saturday nights, comedy clips, movie clips, concert tracks, etc. etc. “Then why do they need a VJ?” asks you. Well, my Darling, I’m better than any ‘shuffle’ program. Just because it’s listed on the ‘Friday Night’ playlist doesn’t mean it will be played, and I highly doubt that hidden jams such as Bananarama or the like will be found on thus playlist. The format has changed very much to my liking, no more Latin, no more rap.

Besides, you can’t ask a playlist to “Play Lady Gaga next!!!” and it seems like a lot of songs that they have saved aren’t available because they’re not properly titled and they need someone to go through and identify the videos at some point. This is something I’m salivating over, it’s like the name that song game magnified by 50. Plus I’ll be able to download stuff and give my musical suggestions at some point, which is right up my alley. And my drinks from now on are $2.00 a pop and I can partake in moderation while playing said music. How do you beat that, really?

Anyhow, I’m really excited to be back and can’t wait to feel like I’m a part of things again. Everyone I talked to last night made me feel super welcome and acted like they looked forward to seeing what I could do, rather than act non-responsive or indifferent. Either way, my nerves are starting to act up a bit in anticipation, but I’m more excited than anything. Literally made 2 sheets of songs that I can search for if for some reason I freeze and can’t think of anything good, but honestly just phsyching myself out over it. It’s easy, it’s not going to make or break anyone or anything, but I sure hope it turns out the way everyone expects! Have a super fun weekend guys!!!

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