Monday, June 21, 2010

Namaste Mother F’ers

One of the better things that I’ve done with my life in the last few months is take up yoga. I’d done yoga before, not really on a regular basis, but have always really liked it. I usually go every Monday and Wednesday after work for “power yoga” at my gym. The teacher is really good, actually she’s fucking insaine, but effective. She makes us hold our poses for a ridiculous amount of time. I’m always literally drenched with sweat by the time the hour long class is over.

One of the perks of these classes, besides greater flexibility, better balance, centering one’s self, and the obvious workout benefits is that there’s a guy who goes to every class that I ever go to that I think is hot as hell. Just my type, at least mid 30’s, muscley, shaved head (no guard), friendly, masculine but not intimidating. I know he’s gay, I’ve seen him out and about and he has certain characteristics. Like getting boners in the locker room while we shower off when class is over. Yes, this is one of my favorite parts about yoga class, the locker room dick show with Mr. Hottie.

One of my greatest mortal fears as an adolecent was public nudity with other males, as I was petrified of getting a stiffy for everyone to see. While I still have this fear somewhat, I’m usually in a lot greater control over my “zone” now than what I was at 13. But somehow this guy makes me lose it, and thank God he gets them too. While we talk a bit, it’s usually locker talk, and the subject of arousal has never been brought up. I mean really, what would you say? “Dude you know, sometimes it just gets hard, you know man?” like some terrible porno. And luckily we’re able to position ourselves so that we both have an available corner to “point North” to in case anyone else comes in, which really never happens though.

I would really like to take things further, outside of the locker room of coarse, but have my reservations. Should things go further or would everything get screwed up if there was a further experience? Is it better to lust after this guy for 5 minutes every couple of days when he’s all wet and soapy or try to have my jock and eat it too? I don’t know. I’d really like to talk to him some more at the very least, to show him that I have an interest. But then again, is it one of those situation when you open your mouth and you lose your boner? I don’t know, so I guess I’ll hold off until either I can’t take it anymore or he approaches me. All I know is I’ll enjoy what’s going on at this point in time and who knows, if things don’t work out maybee all of this yoga will result in the ability to perform autofalatio.

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A Lewis said...

I haven't been to yoga in months. Before that? I was a regular. Loved it. And as for having/or not having reservations, I'm afraid I'm the guy who should probably have MORE! I have next to none.