Thursday, June 10, 2010

Project $20

Stepping into an interesting challenge here for the next week that I’ll be christening as, “Project $20”. Yeah, you guessed it; I have $20 bucks in my wallet to last me for the next 7 days (counting today). I’ve survived on the whole “5 days on $20” before and ended up just fine, but we’re going for a new record this week I guess. Obviously staying home from KC last weekend still didn’t save me any greenbacks, after spending too much on shit that was a lot of fun, but I didn’t need. But, what will be will be. I’m all about seeing how far I can persevere as of late, whether it be at the gym, my appetite, smoking, living alone without freaking out, etc. etc. etc.

The pros are: I have enough food (even if it’s stuff I won’t want, it’ll be a way to get rid of it), all of my laundry is clean, my rent and cable are both in the clear so I don’t have to worry about no entertainment or no place to be entertained at, I have a date on Saturday who’s also pretty much low on the dough so at least I’ll have someone to be cheap with, I’ll be forced to be sober and smoke free for a week.

The cons are: I’ll be forced to be sober and smoke free for a week, my weekly transportation costs run about $8 bucks so really this could be called “Project $12”, my gym membership is due 3 days before I get paid, as well as my phone payment and I always feel like a moron when I go pay for things after the payment has initially been denied, and I know somewhere someone along the line is going to ask me to do something fun that I’ll have to turn down with some lame excuse.

But on the definite upside, I might be seeing a second job coming my way in the near future cocktailing and bar backing at my old bar. Besides inspiring me even further to get into “take off your shirt” mode, I’ll be working on Friday and Saturday nights-aka the nights I would be out spending money. Although it’s not a given, I still have people I’m friends with giving me a good reference and the bar manager is still in charge from when I was there and I left him in good terms. So, kind of excited and hopeful. I’m going in tonight to see what I can muster up.

So anyhoo kiddles, wish me luck with that and if any of you want to do something this weekend…….DON’T CALL ME! 

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jp said...

Dammit, was so gonna call you tomorrow night.

Maybe a movie at my place this weekend?